Our homes are sacred places. Now, some customers certainly are more invested in their living environments than others, but all deserve a high-quality experience when shopping for a place they will host, entertain, sleep, eat, drink, laugh, and love within. There’s no shortage of choice in a home store, but the opportunity to connect with a customer during their visit is massive. Whether that’s a newly divorced dad, a young woman getting her first apartment, or a young individual starting college, these are moments that need to be met with empathy, and earnest focus to their wants and needs. With the opportunity to transact on the internet, with free expedited shipping, purchasing in-store has to mean something. As a customer you must be met with an empathic expert.

An expert in retail, isn’t just an expert in the product line. They are in experts in their employer’s brand, procedure, and sales process. Our retail education platform ensures the delivery of each of these components to your entire organization.

C.A.R.E.™ Customer: Home is the front-line sales professional retail education course available to every employee.

Transforming Your Firm’s Culture Through Education

If culture can be simply described as: “what happens in your organization when nobody is looking”; that culture is present at all levels and functions of the organization. A retail organization that authentically has a great culture in their support center, will also have a great culture on the frontline. Retail education has been at the core of Progress Retail for nearly thirty years. Throughout the past three decades, retail has evolved through the advent of email, the internet, e-commerce, and the variety of new marketing channels for customer acquisition. The education of the organization has taken a back seat, as retailers have played catch-up from the omnichannel storm, and culture has suffered with increasing employee turnover, decreased engagement, and lack of overall career wellbeing.


Retail Education

We believe to truly transform retail humans, you must lead with education. That is at the core of what we’ve done since 1989, and fortunately today it has never been easier for retail organizations in any vertical, of any size, in any location, to create and distribute educational content to each member of their organization. Whether utilizing our compelling retail education content, or choosing to build-your-own, our platform enables retail education at any scale.

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Retail Branding

Does the recently hired talent in your organization begin their career understanding your brand’s mission, vision, and values? And untimately how would you know? Our Brand component of platform tools enables the delivery of informational content in a measurable format. The possibilities are endless, and the barriers are minimal.

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Retail Performance

It’s a fool's errand to manage a standard, if that standard hasn’t been communicated and demonstrated properly. At Progress Retail, our core has always been the delivery of education, but with the advent of our education platform, transparency and qualitative analysis of comprehension in real-time is made possible through Sales Coach & Retail Supervisor.

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Retail Process

Outcomes that are desired and scalable can occur when humans are provided a process. This is a tenant of basic management, and today technology also has a role to play. Within the education platform, we leverage productivity products in a single solution that revolves around retail learning and development. That way, your team has a single gateway for most of their career functions, and can spend less time wasted.

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